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Sections 1.26-33

Geographical Objects and Features

D Heavenly Bodies

ἐπουράνιος(σῶμα ἐπουράνιον) heavenly body1.26
σῶμα(σῶμα ἐπουράνιον) heavenly body1.26
φωστήρa star1.27
ἀστήρstar, planet1.30
ἄστρονa star, planet1.30
ἄστρονb constellation1.31
φωσφόροςmorning star1.32
ἀστήρ(ἀστὴρ πρωϊνός) morning star1.33
πρωϊνός(ἀστὴρ πρωϊνός) morning star1.33

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