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Sections 15.123-134

Linear Movement

M Gather, Cause To Come Together

συμπαραγίνομαιcome together15.123
συμπορεύομαιb come together15.123
συνάγωcome together15.123
σύνειμιa come together15.123
συνέρχομαιa come together15.123
συστρέφωcome together15.123
ἐπισυνάγωcome together15.124
συμφέρωa gather together15.125
συνάγωa gather together15.125
συστρέφωgather together15.125
ἐπισυνάγωcause to come together15.126
ἐπισυναγωγήa gathering together15.126
προσλαμβάνομαιd gather together15.127
ἐπισυναγωγήb assembling15.128
ἀθροίζωcome together15.129
συναθροίζωgather together15.130
συναθροίζωcause to gather together15.131
ἐπαθροίζομαιgather together more15.132
συνδρομήrunning together15.133
συντρέχωa run together15.133
ἐπισυντρέχωrun together to a place15.134

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