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Sections 15.165-186

Linear Movement

W Lead, Bring, Take

ἄγωa bring15.165
φέρωb bring15.166
προσλαμβάνομαιb bring along15.167
ἀναλαμβάνωb take/bring along15.168
παραλαμβάνωa bring along with15.168
συμπαραλαμβάνωtake/bring along with15.169
περιάγωb bring/take along15.170
προάγωc bring forward15.171
προσάγωa bring into presence15.172
προσφέρωb bring into presence15.172
εἰσάγωa lead into15.173
ἐκβάλλωd lead out15.174
ἐκφέρωb lead out15.174
ἐξάγωlead out15.174
καθίστημιbring down15.175
κατάγωa lead down15.175
ἀνάγωa lead up15.176
ἀναφέρωa lead up15.176
ἀπάγωa lead away15.177
ἀπαίρωlead away15.177
ἀπολαμβάνωc lead away15.177
ἀποφέρωb lead off15.177
ἕλκωb lead by force15.178
σύρωb lead by force15.178
κατασύρωdrag off forcefully15.179
παραλαμβάνωb lead aside15.180
προσλαμβάνομαιc lead aside15.180
προέρχομαιd lead15.181
προπορεύομαιb lead15.181
ὁδηγέωa guide15.182
ὁδηγόςa guide15.183
χειραγωγέωlead by hand15.184

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