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Sections 15.187-211

Linear Movement

X Carry, Bear

φέρωa carry15.187
βαστάζωa carry15.188
σφραγίζωd deliver safely15.189
περιφέρωcarry around15.190
κομίζωa carry to15.191
προσφέρωa bring to15.192
πέμπωb send (by someone)15.193
εἰσάγωb carry in15.194
εἰσφέρωa bring in15.194
στρέφωc carry back15.195
διαφέρωa carry through15.196
ἐκφέρωa carry out15.197
ἐκκομίζωcarry out15.198
καθαιρέωb take down15.199
συστέλλωb remove15.200
βαστάζωb remove15.201
ἀποφέρωa carry away15.202
αἴρωa carry15.203
ἀναλαμβάνωa lift up and carry15.203
περιαιρέωa take from around15.204
ποταμοφόρητοςcarried off by flood15.205
ἀναφέρωb carry up15.206
φορτίζωcause to carry15.207
ἀποφορτίζομαιunload a cargo15.209
ἄγωb carry15.210
ἀνάγωb offer to15.211

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