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Sections 15.34-74

Linear Movement

D Leave, Depart, Flee, Escape, Send

ἄγωc go away15.34
πορεύομαιc go away15.34
ὑπάγωb depart15.35
ἀνίστημιb go away15.36
ἀπέρχομαιa go away15.37
ἀπολύωgo away15.38
ἐκβαίνωgo out of15.40
ἐκπορεύομαιdepart out of15.40
ἔξειμιgo out of15.40
ἐξέρχομαιa go out15.40
ἔξοδοςa departure15.42
ἀπολύωa dismiss15.43
ἀφίημιa dismiss15.43
ἐκβάλλωb drive out15.44
ἐξωθέωa drive away15.45
ἀπωθέομαιa push away15.46
ἀποδημέωleave home on a journey15.47
ἀφίημιb depart from15.48
χωρίζωc depart15.49
διαχωρίζομαιdepart from15.50
διΐστημιb depart from15.50
ἀποχωρέωgo away15.51
ἀφίσταμαιa depart15.51
ὑπάγωc leave15.52
ἀναχωρέωa go away15.53
ἀποσπάωgo off15.54
ἀποτάσσομαιb take leave of15.55
ἀπελαύνωdrive away15.56
καταλείπωa leave15.57
ἐκλείπωb depart15.58
ἀπολείπωb abandon15.59
ἐκνεύωslip out15.60
φεύγωa flee15.61
καταφεύγωa flee15.62
ἐκφεύγωa flee from15.63
κλίνωb put to flight15.65
ἀπολύωb send15.66
ἀποστέλλωa send someone15.66
πέμπωa send (someone)15.66
ἀποστέλλωb send a message15.67
ἐξαποστέλλωb send a message15.67
πέμπωc send word15.67
ἐκβάλλωc send out15.68
ἐκπέμπωsend out15.68
ἐξαποστέλλωa send out15.68
συμπέμπωsend with15.69
συναποστέλλωsend with15.69
ἀναπέμπωa send back15.70
ἀναπέμπωb send on15.71
προπέμπωa send on one’s way15.72
μεταπέμπομαιsend for15.73
ἀποκαθίστημιb send back15.74

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