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Section 16

Non-Linear Movement

κινέωc shake16.2
ταράσσωa stir up16.3
τάραχήa movement16.4
ἔντρομοςa trembling16.6
τρέμωa tremble16.6
σαλεύωa shake16.7
σείωa shake16.7
ἀποτινάσσωshake off16.8
ἐκτινάσσωshake out16.8
ἀπομάσσομαιwipe off16.9
ῥίπτωc wave16.10
ῥιπίζομαιbe tossed about16.11
κλυδωνίζομαιbe tossed about by waves16.12
ἐπιστρέφωturn around16.13
στρέφωa turn around16.13
στρέφωa turn16.14
κλίνωa bow16.16
κυλίομαιroll about16.17
κυλισμόςrolling about16.17
ἀνατρέπωa turn over16.18
καταστρέφωturn over16.18
ἐκπετάννυμιstretch out16.19
ἐκτείνωstretch out16.19
ἐπεκτείνομαιa stretch toward16.20
προτείνωstretch out16.21
στρώννυμιa spread out16.22
ὑποστρωννύωspread out underneath16.23

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