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Sections 17.1-11

Stances and Events Related to Stances

A Stand

ἵστημιa stand17.1
στήκωa stand17.1
συνίστημιa stand with17.2
παρίστημιa stand near17.3
περιΐστημιstand around17.4
ἐφίστημιa stand at17.5
ἀνίστημιa stand up17.6
ἵστημιb stand up17.6
ἀνίστημιa cause to stand up17.7
κουμstand up17.8
ἐγείρωa stand up17.9
ἐγείρωb stand up17.9
ἐγείρωa cause to stand up17.10
ἐξανίστημιstand up17.11

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