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Sections 19.1-13

Physical Impact

A Hit, Strike

παίωa hit19.1
πληγήa hit19.1
τύπτωa strike19.1
πατάσσωa strike a blow19.3
προσκόπτωa strike against19.5
προσρήγνυμιstrike against19.6
κολαφίζωa strike with fist19.7
ῥαβδίζωbeat with a stick19.8
ἱμάςb whipping19.9
μαστιγόωa beat with a whip19.9
μαστίζωbeat with a whip19.9
μάστιξa flogging19.9
φραγελλόωbeat with a whip19.9
καταβάλλωa knock down19.10
προσπίπτωb strike against19.11
κεφαλιόωbeat on the head19.13

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