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Sections 23.1-39

Physiological Processes and States

A Eat, Drink

ἐσθίωa eat23.1
μετέχωb eat, drink23.2
βρῶσιςa eating23.3
γεύομαιb eat23.3
ψωμίζωa give to eat23.5
ἐκτρέφωa provide food for23.6
τρέφωa provide food for23.6
θηλάζωa nurse (of a baby)23.7
θηλάζωb nurse a baby23.8
βόσκωa feed animals23.10
κατεσθίωa eat up23.11
συνεσθίωeat together23.12
συναλίζομαιa eat with23.13
συνευωχέομαιfeast together23.14
χορτάζωa eat one’s fill23.15
χορτάζωcause to eat one’s fill23.16
ἐμπίμπλημιsatisfy with food23.17
ἐμπίμπλημιa become satisfied with food23.18
γαστήρb glutton23.19
ἀριστάωa eat a meal23.20
ἄρτος(ἄρτον κλάω) have a meal23.20
δειπνέωto eat a meal23.20
κλάω(ἄρτον κλάω) have a meal23.20
ἀνάκειμαιb eat a meal23.21
κατάκειμαιc eat a meal23.21
ἄριστονa meal23.22
βρῶσιςb meal23.22
δεῖπνονa meal23.22
ἄριστονb noon meal23.23
ἀριστάωb have breakfast23.24
δεῖπνονb main meal23.25
τράπεζαb meal23.26
ἀγάπηb fellowship meal23.28
πεινάωa be hungry23.29
λιμόςb hunger23.31
νηστείαb hunger23.31
ἀσιτίαwithout food23.32
ἄσιτοςwithout food23.32
λιμόςa famine23.33
πίνωa drink23.34
πόσιςb drinking23.34
ποτίζωa give to drink23.35
συμπίνωdrink together23.36
μεθύωb drink a lot23.37
ὑδροποτέωdrink water23.38
διψάωa be thirsty23.39

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