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Sections 23.129-141

Physiological Processes and States

H Health, Vigor, Strength

ἔχω(καλῶς ἒχω) be healthy23.129
καλῶς(καλῶς ἒχω) be healthy23.129
ὑγιαίνωa be healthy23.129
ὑγιήςa healthy23.129
ἰσχύωc be healthy23.130
ὁλοκληρίαcomplete health23.131
ἁπλοῦςa healthy23.132
ῥώννυμαιa fare well23.133
κραταιόομαιa become strong23.134
κομψότερονbe in better health23.135
διασῴζωb heal23.136
ἰάομαιa heal23.136
σῴζωc heal23.136
καθαρίζωc heal23.137
ἴαμαpower to heal23.138
θεραπείαa healing23.139
θεραπεύωa heal23.139
ἐγείρωg heal23.140

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