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Sections 25.102-115

Attitudes and Emotions

J Enjoy, Take Pleasure In, Be Fond of Doing

θέλωd enjoy25.102
φιλέωb like to25.103
ἀγαπάωc take pleasure in25.104
φιλάγαθοςliking what is good25.105
ἀφιλάγαθοςbe against what is good25.106
φιλαργυρίαlove of money25.107
φιλάργυροςloving money25.108
ἀφιλάργυροςnot loving money25.109
φιλοπρωτεύωdesire to be first25.110
ἡδονήa pleasure25.111
φιλήδονοςloving pleasure25.112
εὐδοκέωb enjoy25.113
ἐμπίμπλημιb enjoy25.114

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