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Sections 25.206-222

Attitudes and Emotions

T Surprise, Astonish

ξενίζωbe surprised25.206
μέγαςe surprising25.207
θαμβέομαιbe amazed25.209
ἐκθαμβέομαιbe astounded25.210
θαῦμαa amazement25.212
θαυμάζωbe amazed25.213
ἐκθαυμάζωbe very amazed25.214
θαῦμαb miracle25.216
ἔκστασιςa amazement25.217
ἐξίστημιa be greatly astonished25.218
ἐκπλήσσομαιbe greatly astounded25.219
ἐξίστημιastonish greatly25.220
συγχέωcause consternation25.221
στυγνάζωc be shocked25.222

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