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Sections 25.223-250

Attitudes and Emotions

U Worry, Anxiety, Distress, Peace

μέλειb be anxious about25.223
μεριμνάωbe anxious about25.225
ἀμέριμνοςwithout worry25.226
προμεριμνάωworry beforehand25.227
προσδοκάωa wait with anxiety25.228
πυρόομαιb be greatly worried25.229
καταπονέωbe distressed25.230
ἀνασκευάζωcause distress25.231
μετεωρίζομαιbe anxious about25.232
σείωb cause great anxiety25.233
θορυβάζωbe upset25.234
θορυβέωbe upset25.234
τυρβάζωbe upset25.234
ὀδύνηintense anxiety25.235
ὀδυνάομαιb be terribly worried25.236
περισπάομαιbe distracted and anxious25.238
ἐπίστασιςa anxiety25.239
συνέχωb be distressed25.241
σαλεύωbe distressed25.242
τάραχοςb great distress25.243
ταράσσωb cause great distress25.244
ὑπωπιάζωa annoy and wear out25.245
διαταράσσωbe deeply troubled25.246
ἀδημονέωbe upset25.247
εἰρήνηb freedom from worry25.248
εἰρηνικόςfree from worry25.249
ἐπί(τὴν μέριμναν ἐπιρίπτω ἐπί) stop worrying and trust25.250
ἐπιρίπτω(τὴν μέριμναν ἐπιρίπτω ἐπί) stop worrying and trust25.250
μέριμνα(τὴν μέριμναν ἐπιρίπτω ἐπί) stop worrying and trust25.250

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