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Sections 27.34-47


D Try To Learn

ἐραυνάωtry to learn27.34
ζητέωb seek information27.34
ζήτησιςa seek information27.34
ἐκζητέωa seek diligently27.35
ἐξεραυνάωseek diligently27.35
σκοπέωc be concerned about27.36
ἐξετάζωa try to find out27.37
παρακολουθέωb investigate carefully27.38
παρακύπτωc desire to learn27.39
ψηλαφάωb try to find27.40
ζητέωa try to find27.41
ἀναζητέωtry to find out27.42
ἐπιζητέωa try to find out27.42
καταδιώκωseek for27.43
ἀνακρίνωa study thoroughly27.44
δοκιμάζωa test27.45
δοκιμήa testing27.45
δοκίμιονa testing27.45
ἐκπειράζωa test27.46
πειράζωa examine27.46
πειρασμόςa testing27.46

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