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Sections 28.1-16


A Know

γινώσκωa know28.1
γνωρίζωa know28.1
γνῶσιςa acquaintance28.1
οἶδαa know28.1
ἐπιγινώσκωa know about28.2
ἐπίγνωσιςa knowledge (activity)28.2
ἐπίσταμαιa know28.3
συνείδησιςa be aware of28.4
σύνοιδαa be aware of28.4
σύνοιδαb know with28.5
προγινώσκωa know beforehand28.6
πρόγνωσιςa have foreknowledge28.6
προοράωb know beforehand28.6
οἶδαb know how to28.7
σοφίαc specialized knowledge28.8
σοφόςa skillful28.9
σοφίζωknow how to contrive cleverly28.10
γνώστηςone who knows28.11
καρδιογνώστηςknower of hearts28.12
ἀγνοέωa not know28.13
λανθάνωc not know28.14
ἀγνωσίαa lack of knowledge28.16

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