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Sections 28.17-27


B Known [the content of knowledge]

γνῶσιςb knowledge28.17
ἐπίγνωσιςb knowledge (content)28.18
γνῶσιςc esoteric knowledge28.19
πρόγνωσιςb what is known beforehand28.20
γνωστόςa what is known28.21
ὀνομάζωbe known28.22
ἀφικνέομαιbecome known28.23
διανέμωbecome known28.24
λόγος(λόγος τρέχει) message spreads28.25
τρέχω(λόγος τρέχει) message spread28.25
γνωρίζωb make known28.26

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