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Sections 31.35-49

Hold a View, Believe, Trust

F Believe To Be True

πιστεύωa think to be true31.35
πιστόομαιcome to believe31.36
διακρίνωa doubt31.37
διαλογισμόςd doubt31.37
ἀπιστέωa not think true31.39
ἄπιστοςa unbelievable31.40
ἀσφάλειαb certainty31.41
ἀσφαλήςb certain31.42
ἀσφαλῶςb certainly31.42
πίστιςa what can be believed31.43
παράδοξοςa incredible31.44
πληροφορέωbe completely certain31.45
πληροφορίαcomplete certainty31.45
πείθωc be certain31.46
ἐπέχωb hold firmly to31.47
προσέχωc continue to believe31.47
κατέχωb continue belief31.48
ἀντέχομαιb cling to a belief31.49

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