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Sections 31.58-81

Hold a View, Believe, Trust

H Change an Opinion Concerning Truth

μεταβάλλομαιchange one’s mind31.58
μεταμέλομαιb change one’s mind31.59
ἐπιστρέφωb change one’s beliefs31.60
ἐπιστροφήa change of one’s beliefs31.60
στρέφωb come to believe31.60
ἐπιστρέφωc cause to change beliefs31.61
ἀποστρέφωa reject belief31.62
ἀπωθέομαιb reject31.63
ἀφίημιh reject31.63
ἀνακάμπτωb change to former belief31.64
ὑποστρέφωb turn back to belief31.64
ἐκτρέπομαιa stray after31.65
σαίνομαιgive up belief31.66
ἀποπλανάωstray from truth31.67
πλανάωb stray from the truth31.67
ἀστοχέωabandon truth31.68
παραρρέωdrift away from belief31.69
ἀποστρέφωa cause to change belief31.70
διαστρέφωa mislead31.71
ἀνατρέπωb upset faith31.72
μεθίστημιc mislead31.73
ἀποσπάωb lure away31.74
ἐξέλκωlure away31.74
παραφέρωb mislead31.75
συναπάγομαιa lead astray with31.76
σκανδαλίζωa cease believing31.77
σκανδαλίζωa cause to no longer believe31.78

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