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Sections 31.82-101

Hold a View, Believe, Trust

I Trust, Rely

πείθωb trust (pf only)31.82
ἐπαναπαύομαιb trust in31.83
ὑπόστασιςb trust31.84
πιστεύωb trust31.85
πίστιςb trust31.85
πιστόςa trusting31.86
πιστόςb trustworthy31.87
πίστιςc trustworthiness31.88
ἀπιστίαa not trustworthy31.89
βέβαιοςb trustworthy31.90
βεβαιόωa cause to believe31.91
θεμελιόωb establish belief31.94
ὀλιγόπιστοςhave limited faith31.95
ὀλιγόπιστοςof little faith31.96
ἀπιστέωb not trust31.97
ἀπιστίαb not trusting31.97
ἄπιστοςb lack in trust31.98
ἐκκλίνωb turn away from31.99
ἀθετέωa reject31.100

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