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Section 32


ἀκούωf understand32.1
νοέωa understand32.2
ἐπίσταμαιb understand32.3
οἶδαc understand32.4
συνίημιa understand32.5
σύνεσιςa what is understood32.6
ἀγνοέωc fail to understand32.7
ἀγνωσίαb failure to understand32.7
ἀγνωσίαc what is not understood32.8
ἀπορέωbe at a loss32.9
διαπορέωbe perplexed32.10
βλέπωe understand32.11
θεωρέωb understand32.11
ὁράωc understand32.11
κατανοέωc understand completely32.12
συνοράωb understand32.13
μανθάνωc understand32.14
ψηφίζωb figure out32.15
γινώσκωd understand32.16
γνῶσιςd understanding32.16
ἐπιγινώσκωb understand32.16
ἐπίγνωσις(εἰς ἐπίγνωσιν ἒρχομαι) come to understand32.17
ἔρχομαι(εἰς ἐπίγνωσιν ἒρχομαι) come to understand32.17
καταλαμβάνωe understand32.18
κατάδηλοςeasily understood32.20
αἴνιγμαa riddle32.21
δυσνόητοςdifficult to understand32.22
ἀνεξεραύνητοςimpossible to understand32.23
ἀνεξιχνίαστοςimpossible to understand32.23
ὀφθαλμόςc understanding32.24
ὀφθαλμός(τυφλόω τοὺς ὀφθαλμούς) cause to not understand32.25
τυφλόω(τυφλόω τοὺς ὀφθαλμούς) cause to not understand32.25
σύνεσιςb intelligence32.26
συνίημιb be intelligent32.26
αἰσθάνομαιable to understand32.28
αἴσθησιςcapacity to understand32.28
αἰσθητήριονcapacity to understand32.28
φρόνησιςb wisdom32.30
σοφίαa wisdom32.32
σοφόςb wise32.33
σωφρονέωb be sensible32.34
σωφρονισμόςa sound judgment32.34
σωφροσύνηa sound judgment32.34
σοφόςwise man32.35
σοφίζωmake wise32.36
σοφίαb insight32.37
φιλοσοφίαhuman wisdom32.38
μάγοςa wise man and priest32.40
σοφίαd Wisdom (title of a book)32.41
τυφλόςb not able to understand32.42
τυφλόωmake to not understand32.43
σκοτίζομαιb unable to understand32.44
σκοτόομαιb unable to understand32.44
παχύνομαιbe unable to understand32.45
ἀκούω(τοῖς ὠσὶν βαρέως ἀκούω) be mentally dull32.46
βαρέως(τοῖς ὠσὶν βαρέως ἀκούω) be mentally dull32.46
οὖς(τοῖς ὠσὶν βαρέως ἀκούω) be mentally dull32.46
νωθρός(νωθρὸς ταῖς ἀκοαῖς) slow to understand32.47
μυωπάζωfail to understand32.48
ἀσύνετοςwithout understanding32.49
ἀνόητοςwithout understanding32.50
ἄνοιαa lack of understanding32.51
μωρόςa foolish32.55
μωραίνωa become foolish32.56
μωρόςb nonsense32.58
μωραίνωcause to become nonsense32.59
κενόςb foolish32.60

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