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Sections 34.42-49


E Establish or Confirm a Relation

δεξιός(δεξιὰς δίδωμι) make a covenant34.42
δίδωμι(δεξιὰς δίδωμι) make a covenant34.42
διαθήκηa making of a covenant34.43
διατίθεμαιb make a covenant34.43
διαθήκηb covenant34.44
ἀσύνθετοςnot keeping agreement34.45
δικαιοσύνηb be put right with34.46
δικαιόωa to put right with34.46
δικαίωσιςa be put right with34.46
δίκαιοςb be put right with34.47
ἀρνέομαιb deny (non-verbal)34.48
ἀπαρνέομαιc reject34.49

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