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Sections 39.34-41

Hostility, Strife

G Rebellion

ἀκαταστασίαa rebellion39.34
ἀνίστημιe rebel against39.34
ἐπανίσταμαιrebel against39.34
ἐπίστασιςb rebellion39.34
στάσιςa rebellion39.34
ἀντιλογίαc rebellion39.35
ἀκαταστασίαb riot39.36
λῃστήςb rebel39.37
ἐπαίρωa rise up against39.38
ὑπεραίρομαιb rise in pride against39.39
ἀναστατόωcause to revolt39.41
ἀφίσταμαιcause to rebel39.41
διχάζωcause to revolt39.41

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