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Sections 42.7-28

Perform, Do

B Do, Perform

ποιέωb perform42.7
πρᾶξιςa deed42.8
πράσσωa do42.8
πρᾶγμαb undertaking42.9
ἔργονa act42.11
ἔργονc workmanship42.12
καρπόςc deed42.13
αὐτόφωροςin the act42.14
συνεργέωwork together with42.15
κοινωνέωb do together with42.16
κατεργάζομαιa accomplish42.17
προκόπτωb accomplish42.18
στέφανοςc accomplishment42.19
ποιητήςa doer42.20
τόποςc task42.21
χρείαc needed task42.22
χράομαιc use42.23
οἰκονομίαa task42.25
δρόμοςb mission42.26
δαπανάωc exert effort42.27
ἐκδαπανάομαιgive oneself completely42.28

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