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Section 46

Household Activities

οἰκονομέωmanage a household46.1
οἰκονομίαc manage a household46.1
οἰκοδεσποτέωdirect a household46.2
οἰκονόμοςa manager of a household46.4
οἰκέτηςhouse servant46.5
θεραπείαb household servants46.6
οἰκέτηςhousehold servants46.6
ἀρχιτρίκλινοςhead steward46.7
στρώννυμιb furnish a room46.9
στρώννυμιc make one’s bed46.10
ὑπακούωb answer door46.11
παρασκευάζωprepare a meal46.12
διακονέωc wait upon46.13
διακονίαd waiting upon46.13
ὀπτόςbroiled, baked46.15
ἀλήθωgrind grain46.16
διϋλίζωfilter out46.17

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