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Section 54

Maritime Activities

βραδυπλοέωsail slowly54.2
εὐθυδρομέωsail a straight course54.3
ἀνάγωset sail54.4
ἐπανάγωb put out to sea54.5
ἐκπλέωsail away from54.6
ἀποπλέωsail from54.7
παραλέγομαιsail along coast54.8
παραπλέωsail past54.9
ὑποπλέωsail under shelter of54.10
ὑποτρέχωsail under shelter of54.10
διαπλέωsail across54.11
παραβάλλωsail to54.12
καταπλέωsail toward shore54.13
συμπληρόωa be swamped54.14
κατάγωarrive at land54.15
κατέρχομαιb arrive at land54.15
κατάγωb bring to shore54.16
ἐξωθέωb run aground54.17
ἐπικέλλωrun aground54.18
ἐκπίπτωb run aground54.19
εὐθύνωb pilot a ship54.21
εἰς(κατέχω εἰς) head for54.22
κατέχω(κατέχω εἰς) head for54.22
βολίζωdrop a plummet54.23
περιαιρέωb lift anchor54.24
ὑποζώννυμιbrace a ship54.25
ναυαγέωbe shipwrecked54.26
ἐπί(ὁ ἐπὶ τόπον πλέων) sea traveller54.27
πλέω(ὁ ἐπὶ τόπον πλέων) sea traveller54.27
τόπος(ὁ ἐπὶ τόπον πλέων) sea traveller54.27
κυβερνήτηςcaptain of a ship54.28
ναύκληροςship owner54.29

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