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Section 56

Courts and Legal Procedures

ἀγοραῖοςb court of justice56.1
ἡμέραe court of justice56.1
κρίσιςc court of justice56.1
κριτήριονa court of justice56.1
κρίμαe lawsuit56.2
κριτήριονb lawsuit56.2
πρᾶγμαc lawsuit56.2
εὐνοέωc settle a case56.3
αἰτίαb reason for accusation56.4
αἰτίαc accusation56.5
λόγοςj accusation56.7
ἐμφανίζωd bring charges56.8
ἐκζητέωb bring charges against56.9
ἀνέχομαι(κατὰ λόγον ἀνέχομαι) accept a complaint56.10
κατά(κατὰ λόγον ἀνέχομαι) accept a complaint56.10
λόγος(κατὰ λόγον ἀνέχομαι) accept a complaint56.10
ἀντίδικοςa accuser56.11
ἀνακρίνωb investigate in court56.12
ἀνάκρισιςinvestigation in court56.12
ἀκούωg hear legal case56.13
διακούωhear a legal case56.13
ἐπερωτάωc interrogate56.14
ἐπικαλέωb appeal to a higher court56.15
ὑπόδικοςliable to judgment56.17
ἀναβάλλομαιadjourn a hearing56.18
ἀκατάκριτοςwithout trial56.19
κρίμαa legal decision56.20
κρίνωe make legal decision56.20
κρίσιςa legal decision56.20
διαγινώσκωb decide a case56.21
διάγνωσιςdeciding a case56.21
κρίμαb authority to judge56.22
κρίσιςb authority to judge56.22
κριτικόςable to judge56.23
κρίμαc verdict56.24
κρίσιςd verdict56.24
κρίσιςf justice56.25
δικαιοκρισίαjust verdict56.27
ἄρχωνb judge56.29
κρίμαd condemnation56.30
κρίνωf condemn56.30
κρίσιςe condemnation56.30
κρίσις(ὑπὸ κρίσιν πίπτω) be condemned56.32
πίπτω(ὑπὸ κρίσιν πίπτω) be condemned56.32
ὑπό(ὑπὸ κρίσιν πίπτω) be condemned56.32
ἡμέρα(ἡμέρα σφαγῆς) day of condemnation56.33
σφαγή(ἡμέρα σφαγῆς) day of condemnation56.33
δικαιόωc acquit56.34
δικαίωμαc acquit56.34
δικαίωσιςb acquittal56.34
ἐκδικέωa give justice56.35
ἐκδίκησιςa give justice56.35
νομικόςb lawyer56.37
ἀπάγωb lead off to punishment56.38

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