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Sections 57.125-141

Possess, Transfer, Exchange

I Receive

δέχομαιa receive57.125
λαμβάνωc receive57.125
κομίζωa receive57.126
λαγχάνωa receive57.127
ἀπολαμβάνωa obtain from57.128
μεταλαμβάνωa receive share in57.129
μετάλημψιςreceiving share in57.129
διαδέχομαιreceive from57.130
κληρονομέωa receive57.131
κληρονομίαa possession57.132
κληρονόμοςa receiver57.133
συγκληρονόμοςfellow receiver57.134
κατακληρονομέωmake someone receive a valuable gift57.135
ἀπολαμβάνωb receive back57.136
κομίζωb receive back57.136
ἀπέχωa receive in full57.137
κληρονομέωb inherit57.138
κληρονόμοςb heir57.139
κληρονομίαb inheritance57.140
ἀπόβλητοςbe rejected57.141

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