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Sections 57.152-171

Possess, Transfer, Exchange

L Pay, Price, Cost

δίδωμιf pay57.152
ἀποδίδωμιa pay57.153
ἀνταποδίδωμιa pay back57.154
ἀνταπόδομαa repayment57.155
ἀποτίνωpay back57.156
στρέφωd pay back57.157
ἵστημιd pay57.158
ἀποστερέωwithhold payment57.159
τιμήc price57.161
κεφάλαιονb price57.162
ἐκm with (price)57.163
ἀδάπανοςfree of charge57.164
τιμάωb set price on57.165
ὀψώνιονa pay57.166
τιμήd pay57.167
ἀρραβώνfirst installment57.170
ἀπαρχήc foretaste57.171

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