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Sections 57.55-70

Possess, Transfer, Exchange

G Take, Obtain, Gain, Lose

λαμβάνωb acquire57.55
καταλαμβάνωa acquire57.56
κατάσχεσιςb taking possession57.57
ζητέωf try to obtain57.59
ἐπιτυγχάνωa acquire57.60
περιποίησιςb possessions57.62
κλείςb means of57.63
εὐοδόομαιb gain in business57.64
λαμβάνωd collect57.65
πράσσωb receive57.65
ἀπόλλυμιb fail to get57.67
ἀπόλλυμιc lose57.68
ζημίαsuffer loss57.69
ζημιόωa suffer loss57.69
ἀποτάσσομαιc part with possessions57.70

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