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Sections 58.21-30

Nature, Class, Example

D Class, Kind

τάξιςc kind58.21
ὄνομαd category58.22
γένοςc kind58.23
φύσιςb kind58.24
τύποςf kind58.25
γέννημαb kind58.26
τέκνονf kind of58.26
υἱόςh kind of58.26
πᾶςe every kind of58.28
πολυτρόπωςa in many ways (kind)58.29
οἷοςb what sort58.30
ὁποῖοςwhat sort of58.30
ποῖοςb what kind of58.30
ποταπόςwhat sort of58.30

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