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Sections 59.48-61


F Abundance, Excess, Sparing

πλεονάζωc be in abundance59.48
ὑπερπερισσεύωa be more abundant59.49
ὑπερπλεονάζωbe more than59.49
ἐκχέωc give in abundance59.50
περισσόςc superfluous59.51
περισσεύωa be in abundance59.52
περισσείαa abundance59.53
περισσεύωb provide in abundance59.54
κόσμοςg tremendous amount59.55
ἐπί(ἐπ᾽ εὐλογίαις) large amount59.56
εὐλογία(ἐπ᾽ εὐλογίαις) large amount59.56
πλούσιοςb in abundance59.57
πλουσίωςa in abundance59.57
πλουτέωd have a great deal of59.58
πλουτίζωb cause to have abundance of59.59

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