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Section 61


καθεξῆςone after another61.1
ἀπό(ἀπὸ μιᾶς) one by one61.2
εἷς(ἀπὸ μιᾶς) one by one61.2
εἷς(ἀπὸ μιᾶς) one by one61.2
τάξιςa sequence61.3
ἀνά(ἀνὰ μέρος) in succession61.4
μέρος(ἀνὰ μέρος) in succession61.4
τροχόςa course (sequence)61.5
ἀνώτεροςa preceding61.6
ἀπαρχήb first61.8
οὕτω(ς)a thus61.9
οὕτω(ς)b as follows61.10
δευτερόπρωτοςthe second after the first61.12
ἔσχατοςa final(ly)61.13
λοιμόςc at last61.14
πέραςb conclusion61.15
ὕστεροςa last61.16
τέλος(τὸ τέλος) finally61.17

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