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Sections 63.13-20

Whole, Unite, Part, Divide

D Part

μερίςa portion63.13
μέροςa part63.14
ἀπό(ἀπὸ μέρους) in part63.15
ἐκ(ἐκ μέρους) in part63.15
μέρος(ἀπὸ μέρους) in part63.15
μέρος(ἐκ μέρους) in part63.15
κατά(κατὰ μέρος) in detail63.16
μέρος(κατὰ μέρος) in detail63.16
μέλοςb member63.17
κλῆροςe part63.18
πολυμερῶςa fragmentary63.19
ἀπόd of (part-whole)63.20
ἐκi one of (part-whole)63.20

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