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Sections 65.1-16


A Valuable, Lacking in Value

τιμήb value65.1
ἔντιμοςa valuable65.2
τίμιοςa precious65.2
ὑπερέχωa surpass in value65.4
δοξάζωbe wonderful65.5
διαφέρωd be valuable65.6
πιότηςb value65.7
σιτευτόςb prized65.8
ὑψηλόςc very valuable65.9
θησαυρόςc treasure65.10
ἀποθησαυρίζωtreasure up65.11
θησαυρίζωa treasure up65.11
δοκιμήc value65.12
ἀδόκιμοςb worthless65.13
ἀπώλειαb waste65.14
κοινόςc worthless65.15
πτωχόςb of little value65.16

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