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Sections 65.40-51


E Advantageous, Not Advantageous

ἐξαγοράζω(ἐξαγοράζομαι τὸν καιρόν) make good use of opportunity65.42
καιρός(ἐξαγοράζομαι τὸν καιρόν) make good use of opportunity65.42
καλόςc advantageous65.43
λυσιτελεῖbe advantageous65.44
συμφέρωb be advantageous65.44
περισσόςa advantage65.46
περισσεύωf have greater advantage65.47
προέχομαιhave advantage65.47
have advantage65.47
ἀντιλαμβάνομαιc enjoy benefit65.48
ἀλυσιτελήςof no advantage65.49
ἀνωφελήςnot advantageous65.50
ὑστερέωb lack benefit65.51

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