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Sections 67.163-200


I Definite Units of Time: Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour

φθινοπωρινόςlate autumn67.164
χειμώνa winter67.165
παραχειμάζωspend the winter67.166
παραχειμασίαspend the winter67.166
ἐνιαυτόςa one year67.168
διετίαtwo-year period67.169
διετήςtwo years old67.170
τριετίαthree-year period67.171
τεσσαρακονταετήςperiod of forty years67.172
ἑκατονταετήςhundred years67.173
τρίμηνονthree-month period67.175
τετράμηνοςfour-month period67.176
σάββατονb week67.177
ἡμέραa day67.178
νυχθήμερονa night and a day67.179
δευτεραῖοςon the second day67.180
τεταρταῖοςthe fourth day67.181
ὀκταήμεροςthe eighth day67.182
ἐπιούσιοςa daily67.183
σάββατονa Sabbath67.184
σαββατισμόςSabbath rest67.185
ἡμέραb daylight period67.186
ὄρθροςa early morning67.187
πρωΐearly morning67.187
πρωΐαearly morning67.187
ὀρθρινόςearly in the morning67.189
ὀρθρίζωget up early67.190
νύξa night (time)67.192
ἔννυχαat night67.193
αὐλίζομαιspend the night67.194
διανυκτερεύωspend the night67.195
φυλακήc period of night67.196
ὀψέb evening67.197
ἀλεκτοροφωνίαbefore dawn67.198
ὥραc hour67.199
ἡμιώριονhalf an hour67.200

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