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Section 69

Affirmation, Negation

μήa not69.3
οὐa not69.3
οὐa not69.4
οὐa by no means69.5
μηδαμῶςby no means69.6
οὐδαμῶςby no means69.6
μηδέa and not69.7
οὐδέa and not69.7
μηδέb not even69.8
οὐδέb not even69.8
οὐb marker of a question69.11
οὐκοῦνmarker of a question69.12
οὐb marker of a question69.12
οὐb marker of a question69.13
μήb marker of a question69.15
μήτιmarker of a question69.16

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