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Section 74

Able, Capable

δύναμιςa ability74.1
δυνατόςb able74.2
δυνατός(ὁ δυνατός) the Mighty One74.3
δυνατόςc competent74.4
δύναμαιbe able74.5
δυνατέωbe able74.5
ἐνδυναμόωcause to be able74.6
ἐνδυναμόωbecome able74.7
ἰσχύςa capability74.8
ἰσχύωa be capable of74.9
ἐξισχύωbe fully able74.10
κατισχύωa be fully able74.10
κατακαυχάομαιc have more power74.11
ἔχωe be able to74.12
ἄθλησιςb challenge74.13
σθενόωmake more able74.14
ἐποικοδομέωb make more able74.15
οἰκοδομέωb make more able74.15
οἰκοδομήc making more able74.15
καθαίρεσιςb making less able74.16
βεβαιόωincrease in inner strength74.17
ῥιζόομαιbe strengthened74.18
στερεόωb make firm74.19
στηρίζωa strengthen74.19
στηριγμόςb firm position74.20
στερεόςb be firm74.21
ἀδύνατοςa incapable74.22
ἀσθένειαa incapacity74.23
ἀσθενήςa unable74.25
ἀσθενέωa be weak74.26
ἀπογίνομαιb be dead to74.27
ἀποθνῄσκωc be dead to74.27
νεκρόςc ineffective74.28

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