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Section 76

Power, Force

δύναμιςb power76.1
μεγαλειότηςb mighty power76.2
δάκτυλοςb power76.3
χείρc power76.3
δεξιόςb power76.4
βραχίων(βραχίων ὑψηλός) great power76.5
ὑψηλός(βραχίων ὑψηλός) great power76.5
κράτοςa power76.6
δύναμιςc mighty deed76.7
κράτοςb mighty deed76.7
μεγαλεῖοςmighty act76.8
κραταιόομαιb become powerful76.10
ἰσχυρόςa powerful76.11
ἐξουσίαf power76.12
δόξαc amazing might76.13
ἀρετήb wonderful act76.14
σκληρόςb strong76.15
κέραςc power76.16
ἐπίκειμαιc be in force76.17
κυρόωa validate76.18
προκυρόωvalidate in advance76.19
ἵστημιb maintain76.20
ἵστημιc establish76.21
ἀναιρέωb do away with76.22
καταλύωd make invalid76.23
ἀθετέωb regard as invalid76.24
ἀθέτησιςa annulment76.24
ἀκυρόωinvalidate authority of76.25
καταργέωc invalidate76.26
κενόωa cause to lose power76.27

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