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Sections 84.1-15

Spacial Extensions

A Extension From a Source

νομήb extension84.1
διανέμωcause to spread84.2
ἀπόc from (extension)84.3
ἐκa out of (extension)84.4
παράc from (extension)84.5
πόθενa whence84.6
πάντοθενa from all directions84.7
ἀλλαχόθενfrom elsewhere84.8
ἐντεῦθενfrom here84.9
ἐντεῦθενa from here84.9
ἐκεῖθενfrom there84.10
κἀκεῖθενa (and) from there84.10
ὅθενa from where84.11
ὄπισθενa from behind84.12
ἄνωθενa from above84.13
ἔσωθενa from inside84.14
ἔξωθενa from outside84.15

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