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Section 85

Existence in Space

εἰμίe be in a place85.1
σύνειμιb be with85.2
κεῖμαιb be in a place85.3
ἐπίκειμαιa lie on85.4
περίκειμαιa be around85.5
γίνομαιh be in a place85.6
γίνομαιi come to be in a place85.7
παραγίνομαιc appear in a place85.7
ἵστημιc be in a place85.8
κατέχωe occupy85.9
ἥκωb be here85.10
ἐπισκέπτομαιd be present85.11
παρατυγχάνωbe in a place by chance85.12
ἐφίστημιb be near85.13
παρίστημιb be at85.13
παρίστημιa cause to be in a place85.14
συνομορέωbe next to85.15
ἀπέχωb be away from85.16
παρίστημιc be in front of85.18
ἔνειμιbe inside85.19
ἐνδημέωbe at home85.20
ἐκδημέωbe absent85.21
ἀπόδημοςaway on a journey85.22
παράκειμαιbe present85.23
πάρειμιa be present85.23
ἀναπληρόωd occupy85.24
παρουσίαa presence85.25
πρόσωπονe presence85.26
ἄπειμιb be absent85.27
ὑστέρημαb absence85.29
συμπάρειμιbe with85.30
ἔμφυτοςestablished in85.31
τίθημιa put85.32
δίδωμιd put85.33
βάλλωe put85.34
ἐμβάλλωthrow in85.35
βλητέοςmust be put85.36
ῥίπτωb put down85.37
στηρίζωb establish in a place85.38
περιτίθημιa put around85.39
ἵστημιa put85.40
χωρίζωd remove85.41
φέρωg put85.42
ἐξαιρέωtake out85.43
ἀποτίθημιa put away85.44
ἀφαιρέωa put away85.44
ἀφίημιc leave behind85.45
ἐκτίθεμαιput out of85.46
συνάγωb keep in a place85.48
καταβάλλωput down85.49
ἐγκρύπτωput into85.50
ἐπιβάλλωb put on85.51
ἐπίθεσιςlaying on85.51
ἐπιτίθημιa place on85.51
ἀποστρέφωc put back85.52
ἀπόκειμαιa put away85.53
περίκειμαιb be put around85.54
ἐμμένωa remain85.55
ἐπιμένωa remain85.55
μένωa stay85.55
παραμένωa remain with85.56
ὑπομένωb stay behind85.57
ἀναπαύωb abide85.58
ἐπέχωd stay on85.59
προσμένωa stay on85.59
ἀναμένωwait for85.60
ἐκδέχομαιa wait for85.60
μένωb wait for85.60
περιμένωwait for85.60
προσδέχομαιc wait for85.60
ἀφίημιd leave in a place85.62
κάθημαιb reside85.63
καθίζωc remain85.63
ἀγραύλεωremain outdoors85.64
ἀπολείπωa leave behind85.65
καταλείπωb leave behind85.65
περιλείπομαιbe left behind85.66
ὑπολείπωbe left behind85.66
οἰκέωa dwell85.67
οἰκητήριονdwelling place85.68
κατοίκησιςdwelling place85.70
κατοικητήριονdwelling place85.70
κατοικίαdwelling place85.70
παροικέωa dwell temporarily85.71
ἐγκατοικέωdwell among85.72
ἐνοικέωdwell in85.73
οἰκέωb reside in85.73
περιοικέωlive nearby85.74
ἐπισκηνόωtake up residence85.75
σκηνόωtake up residence85.75
μονήdwelling place85.76
σκήνωμαb dwelling place85.77
ἐπιδημέωlive as a foreigner85.78
παροικέωb live as a foreigner85.78
παροικίαtime of residence85.79
ἀστατέωb be homeless85.80
ἐμπεριπατέωlive among85.81
κατοικίζωcause to dwell85.82
ἔρημοςa uninhabited85.84
φυλακήd haunt85.85

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