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Sections 85.32-54

Existence in Space

B Put, Place

τίθημιa put85.32
δίδωμιd put85.33
βάλλωe put85.34
ἐμβάλλωthrow in85.35
βλητέοςmust be put85.36
ῥίπτωb put down85.37
στηρίζωb establish in a place85.38
περιτίθημιa put around85.39
ἵστημιa put85.40
χωρίζωd remove85.41
φέρωg put85.42
ἐξαιρέωtake out85.43
ἀποτίθημιa put away85.44
ἀφαιρέωa put away85.44
ἀφίημιc leave behind85.45
ἐκτίθεμαιput out of85.46
συνάγωb keep in a place85.48
καταβάλλωput down85.49
ἐγκρύπτωput into85.50
ἐπιβάλλωb put on85.51
ἐπίθεσιςlaying on85.51
ἐπιτίθημιa place on85.51
ἀποστρέφωc put back85.52
ἀπόκειμαιa put away85.53
περίκειμαιb be put around85.54

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