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Sections 85.55-64

Existence in Space

C Remain, Stay

ἐμμένωa remain85.55
ἐπιμένωa remain85.55
μένωa stay85.55
παραμένωa remain with85.56
ὑπομένωb stay behind85.57
ἀναπαύωb abide85.58
ἐπέχωd stay on85.59
προσμένωa stay on85.59
ἀναμένωwait for85.60
ἐκδέχομαιa wait for85.60
μένωb wait for85.60
περιμένωwait for85.60
προσδέχομαιc wait for85.60
ἀφίημιd leave in a place85.62
κάθημαιb reside85.63
καθίζωc remain85.63
ἀγραύλεωremain outdoors85.64

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