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Sections 85.67-85

Existence in Space

E Dwell, Reside

οἰκέωa dwell85.67
οἰκητήριονdwelling place85.68
κατοίκησιςdwelling place85.70
κατοικητήριονdwelling place85.70
κατοικίαdwelling place85.70
παροικέωa dwell temporarily85.71
ἐγκατοικέωdwell among85.72
ἐνοικέωdwell in85.73
οἰκέωb reside in85.73
περιοικέωlive nearby85.74
ἐπισκηνόωtake up residence85.75
σκηνόωtake up residence85.75
μονήdwelling place85.76
σκήνωμαb dwelling place85.77
ἐπιδημέωlive as a foreigner85.78
παροικέωb live as a foreigner85.78
παροικίαtime of residence85.79
ἀστατέωb be homeless85.80
ἐμπεριπατέωlive among85.81
κατοικίζωcause to dwell85.82
ἔρημοςa uninhabited85.84
φυλακήd haunt85.85

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