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Sections 87.4-18


B Honor or Respect in Relation to Status

δόξαe honor87.4
τιμήa honor87.4
ἔνδοξοςb honored87.6
ἔντιμοςb honored87.6
τίμιοςb honored87.6
δόκιμοςc honored87.7
δοξάζωb honor87.8
τιμάωa honor87.8
ἐνδοξάζομαιbe honored87.9
συνδοξάζομαιbe honored with87.10
οἶδαe honor87.12
φρονέωd honor87.12
στεφανόωb honor87.13
τρέμωc respect87.14
φοβέομαιb respect87.14
μεγαλύνωc honor highly87.15
ὑπερυψόωgive exceptional honor87.16
ἐπιβλέπωd pay respect to87.17
πρωτοκαθεδρίαseat of honor87.18
πρωτοκλισίαseat of honor87.18

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