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Sections 87.58-75


D Low Status or Rank [including persons of low status]

μικρόςg unimportant87.58
ταπείνωσιςb low status87.60
ταπεινόςc lowly87.61
ταπεινόωc make low (status)87.62
ταπεινόωlive in humble circumstances87.63
λαόςd common people87.64
ὄχλοςb common people87.64
ὑστερέωc be inferior87.65
ἐλάχιστοςc least important (status)87.66
ἔσχατοςb least important87.66
ἐλάσσωνb lesser (status)87.67
ἐλαττόωmake less (status)87.68
ἐλαττόωbecome less (status)87.69
κενόωb empty oneself87.70
ἄτιμοςlacking in honor87.72
ἀτιμάζωb cause to be dishonored87.74
πτῶσιςb falling (status)87.75

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