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Sections 87.76-86


E Slave, Free

παῖςc slave87.77
σῶμαd slave87.78
δουλεύωa be a slave87.79
εἰμί(εἰμὶ ὑπὸ ζυγόν) be a slave87.80
ζυγός(εἰμὶ ὑπὸ ζυγόν) be a slave87.80
ὑπό(εἰμὶ ὑπὸ ζυγόν) be a slave87.80
σύνδουλοςfellow slave87.81
δουλόωa enslave87.82
δούληslave woman87.83
παιδίσκηslave girl87.83
ἐλεύθεροςb free person87.84
ἀπελεύθεροςfree person87.85
Λιβερτῖνοςfree man87.86

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