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Sections 88.105-125

Moral and Ethical Qualities and Related Behavior

O Bad, Evil, Harmful, Damaging

κακίαa badness88.105
κακόςa bad (moral)88.106
κακῶςa evil88.106
χείρωνa very bad88.107
πονηρίαwicked deeds88.109
πονηρόςa wicked88.110
ἀδόκιμοςa bad88.111
ἄτοποςa bad88.111
κακοποιέωa do evil88.112
ἀσθενήςb morally weak88.117
ἁμαρτίαb being evil88.118
θηρίονc wicked person88.119
ἀλώπηξb wicked person88.120
λύκοςb fierce person88.121
κύωνb bad person88.122
ἔχιδναb evil person88.123
ὄφιςb evil person88.123
Διάβολοςd wicked person88.124
σκοτίαb evil world88.125
σκότοςb evil world88.125

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