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Sections 88.206-222

Moral and Ethical Qualities and Related Behavior

A' Arrogance, Haughtiness, Pride

ὕψωμαc arrogance88.207
ὑψηλόςd arrogant88.208
ὑψηλός(ὑψηλὰ φρονέω) be haughty88.209
ὑψηλοφρονέωbe arrogant88.209
φρονέω(ὑψηλὰ φρονέω) be haughty88.209
ὑπερφρονέωbe arrogant88.210
ὑπεραίρομαιa be overly proud88.211
ἐπαίρωb be arrogant88.212
φυσιόωbe proud88.216
φυσιόωmake proud88.217
τυφόομαιbe extremely proud88.218
ἀλαζονείαfalse pride88.219
ἀλαζώνarrogant person88.220
κενοδοξίαcheap pride88.221
κενόδοξοςfalsely proud88.222

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