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Sections 89.15-38


G Cause and/or Reason

αἰτίαa reason89.15
αἴτιονa reason89.15
ἀρχήc first cause89.16
ῥίζαc cause89.17
λόγοςg reason89.18
ἄλογοςb without basis89.19
δωρεάνb for no reason89.20
εἰκῇa without reason89.20
αὐτόματοςwithout any cause89.21
ἀφορμήb excuse89.22
γάρa because89.23
ἀντίc for this reason89.24
ἀπόi because of (reason)89.25
ἐκb because of (reason)89.25
ὅθενb because of89.25
παράj because of (reason)89.25
διάf on account of (reason)89.26
διότιa because89.26
ἐνq because (reason)89.26
ὑπόd because of (reason)89.26
ἐπίn because of (reason)89.27
ὑπέρe because of (reason)89.28
χάρινa because of89.29
εἰb because89.30
ἕνεκενa on account of89.31
ἐπειδήa because89.32
καθότιa because89.33
ὅτιb because89.33
καθώςb inasmuch as89.34
ὅπουc since89.35
περίd because (reason)89.36
ὡςf because89.37
πόθενc why89.38

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